Dear Church Family,


We are entering an exciting time of growth and impact for the cause of Christ in the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley and you have a part in it!  Each one of us is an integral member of the body of Christ, and just as our physical bodies aren’t at their best when any part of us is sick, injured, or missing, --so too, we all are important to the spiritual health of the church. With that in mind we are forming teams that will help guide us to be more relevant and impactful to our area in the days and years to come. Many, if not most, people who belong to a church never get to be part of the creating and planning process of the church and how that church makes a difference going forward, but you have the opportunity to be part of the ground floor of what God is doing here at Cornerstone.


Each of the teams being formed will be led by an elder or a deacon and will be doing some seriously important work–thinking, praying, creating, and developing the most significant elements of Cornerstone for the future. We are asking each one of you to carefully how you could be an active participant in at least one of the teams below. If just one team could be your passion, which would it be? Are you ready to be part of building a future of hope and transformation in us and in our community?

20/20 Vision Teams

1.      Individual Devotions- This team will consider ways to increase the discipleship factor of personal devotions of all who are part of Cornerstone. This could include: developing a means of devotions on the web, a daily email/text, a phone app, and a special season of devotional focus from teaching and preaching to help support us all in our day to day spiritual growth.


2.     Family Spiritual Reproduction- Without a doubt, all across America there is a significant need to help families grow together in community and to grow in our relationship with Christ. This team will tackle items such as: how to encourage and enable men to be the spiritual servant-leaders in their families; and how to raise children to discern truth and goodness in a world that prefers lies and compromise on a daily basis. A lot of thinking and creativity (as well as passion) will be needed on this vital team.


3.     Relevant Teaching- This team will address significant issues such as what we need to learn and what we desire to be taught. As the age of our valley/church population grows younger, it is vital that we carefully consider the forms of teaching and topics that they will need most in order to continue making a difference for Christ in the world around them and equip them for leadership at Cornerstone and in the community. Topics could include: serving with passion, growing in Christ with others, investing time-talent-treasures for eternity, etc.


4.     Church Attendance- While church attendance would seem obvious to the average Christian who loves God and calls a particular church “their home church,” the sad reality is that the average Christ-professing believer in America is only attending church three times every two months. Our team will not only work to find ideas that will increase meaningful attendance at church, but also encourage and equip an attender to become fully engaged in what Christ is doing through the local church.


5.     Home Group Participation- Jesus modeled disciple making almost exclusively through a small group.  We imitate that by doing the largest part of our discipleship in small groups. The Home Group team will consider: creative ways to grow spiritually mature in the context of small groups, effective ways to equip new small group teams, to celebrate the deep friendships and fellowship we can have in small groups, and to connect visitors to who we are as people pursuing Jesus together.


6.     Serving in Ministry- Every family member helps with chores around the house.  In the same way, God has given us the local church so that all His family members can help with needed chores. The Serving Team will pursue new ways we can serve the church and community, as well as to ignite people’s passions and interests, create ideas and opportunities in which anyone (young or old) can have an active serving role at Cornerstone, and help ministries consider how to disciple those who are serving.


7.     Tithing/Stewardship- This team will help educate (both head and heart) about how God desires us to be faithful givers. They will also be responsible to creatively engage people at Cornerstone with how God is using our tithes and offerings to make a difference in the community and around the world. In addition, they will help folks better understand how to faithfully steward their money so that they not only have balanced budgets, but have extra to invest in Kingdom needs.


8.     Individual Discipleship- We believe that each faithful follower of Christ should be in a process of growing in obedience to Christ. This is the core meaning of “disciple.”  This is best accomplished by being discipled by someone (or some group) and by being personally involved in discipling another person (or group). This team will consider ways we can learn to pursue being discipled by others, and how we, in turn, can follow the Great Commission by discipling others.


9.     Musical Worship- Worship is not just music; it is many things. In the context of a Sunday service, worship is everything that helps us move from a worldly mindset to one that allows us to focus on God, to appreciate Him, and be changed by Him. The Worship Team will pursue ways in which we as a church can be more relevant to the world around us by engaging them in worship that transforms them; how we can use music, drama, and other artistic forms to create an environment where worship is pleasing to God and inspiring to our souls; and how we can train ourselves to worship anywhere and in any circumstances.

10.  & 11.  Missions and Evangelism- As part of Christ’s body and family, we are all to be missionaries and evangelists. This is true, whether intentional or not, as the world is always watching us. The Missions and Evangelism teams will work to find ways to equip us according to our individual makeup (outgoing, shy, etc.) and our individual situations (work, home, school) to be better and more effective in our evangelism. The key is for evangelism to fit who we are and how God has made us, and to recognize those moments where the Holy Spirit is opening the door for us to share our faith. This team will also work to make Missions (foreign field work) meaningful, something we support through prayer, finances, and practical experience. This could include weekly prayer focus on field workers (formerly known as missionaries) who have been sent from our church, to creating opportunities for people and groups from Cornerstone to serve short term on a foreign field.


12.  & 13. Welcome and Assimilation- Everyone wants a warm and meaningful greeting when they visit friends or family, and those visiting a church desire the same. Our Welcome and Assimilation teams will seek ways that we as a church can be as welcoming to visitors as Christ was to everyone who came to see Him. This team will also explore ways to get people quickly and deeply connected to us and to what Christ is doing through us at Cornerstone. We want everyone who walks in the door to become part of a warm and loving Cornerstone family.