We are committed to fulfilling the great commission of Jesus, to "Go and make disciples of all the nations." This starts with sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in a community and culminates with a strong local church that continues to teach the bible to believers, shares the gospel with all, cares for orphans and widows, meets the basic needs and transforms their community for the glory of God.


We celebrate the past victories God has granted us over the last 119 years of doing local and global missions. In just the last few years, God has granted us the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with about 5 million people globally, to establish over 50 daughter churches, to assist in training 45,000 pastors to teach the Bible, to provide wells for needy people and care for hundreds of orphans.




Organization: ABWE
Location: Vacaville, California

During their 37 years with ABWE Steve and Karen have worked in 3 churches in Lima, Peru, and 3 churches in Southern California, and are now church planting in Northern California.  They are church planters with the goal of initiating a Church Planting Movement in Northern California with an emphasis in Hispanic and multi-ethnic ministries.


Organization: Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association
Location: Hemet & Menifee

Don is responsible to interview, train and oversee the volunteer chaplains at the Hemet and Menifee facilities.  His responsibilities include making rounds on the medical floors, following up on requests by family members or staff, responding to emergency situations, offering support and counseling when requested, serving as Liaison to community Clergy, speaking to Church groups and nursing classes on the spiritual care of patients, and interfacing with doctors, nurses and Social Workers when deemed necessary. 


Organization: New Tribes Mission
Location: Sanford, Florida

Paul and Pam work in the International Ministries Office. They equip people around the world with the cross-cultural Bible-teaching materials that proved effective in their own tribal ministry. They train individuals (Americans and other ethnic peoples) and organizations by personally teaching Firm Foundations seminars in homes, churches, colleges, rural areas and in cities – locally and internationally. Paul oversees the translation of these materials into other languages, making sure the translators follow the proper translation guidelines so that their work communicates effectively in the culture to which they minister. Pam works in conjunction with the author in the revision of the Firm Foundation materials


Organization: ABWE
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Bob and Lynne offer care for ABWE missionaries worldwide, 840 missionaries in 70+ countries in the world.  Interviews take place when they are on furlough.  The interviews include: General (for all active missionaries), Transfer, Retirement, Exit, and Critical Incident.  Training is also part of our ministry.  Counseling is also offered to missionaries who need this type of assistance.  We are also involved with a "Soul Care" emphasis for our missionaries.



Their ministry was started in 2012 in order to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, win souls, disciple and equip them for the ministry. They continue with door to door evangelism, open air crusades, medical treatment, and clean water provision (drill wells). They also provide training with a Bible school for disadvantaged leaders, nursery and primary schools, child sponsorship education and discipleship programs and other capacity building for leaders. Church planting is also a significant part of their ministry, which involves assisting in land purchase, construction of church buildings, baptism of new converts, organizing and leading conferences and seminars, leading Sunday services and and overseeing pastor's and women's purse micro-loan programs.



Organization: ABWE
Location: Togo, West Africa

The goal is evangelism and helping with church planting. Sharon's specific responsibilities are in the area of directing and teaching in the nursing school, a three-year educational program for Togolese to prepare them as nurses for our two ABWE hospitals in Togo.  She also directs the Community Health Evangelism ministry in Togo, training Togolese leaders to go into villages to teach disease prevention and community development while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as oversees the ladies’ ministries – teaching pastors’ wives and ladies in the villages as time allows.


Melissa Baccarella

Organization: ABWE
Location: Caselle Torinese

Melissa is part of a team seeking to plant a reproducing, Italian church in Caselle Torinese. In an effort to reach out to the community with the love of Christ they have initiated a job's training program, and Melissa is also involved in a social program that reaches out to the unemployed in their community.

CENTRAL & southeast ASIA

Because of the importance of discretion, we cannot publish any information about the families serving in Asia. Please pray for their safety and ministry as they serve and continue to bring the gospel to the people in their specific locations.




Organization: ACI International
Location: Brazil

Jim and Debby are involved in men's and women's mentoring groups in Alto Brasil, Barra do Corda and Imperatriz.  The men's group is called Radical Mentoring and the women's group is Titus2 Mentoring.  Jim is also helping to set up the Think Orange children's ministry in Alto Brasil and is training/mentoring the youth leaders as well as mentoring the children.  Think Orange is a ministry that blends the church and the family influence in a child's life to have a greater impact through mentors from infancy through the end of high school.  Debby has monthly outreaches for women called Sweet Monday. These little socials plant seeds of God's truth and the gospel coupled with fun themes that value and encourage women.  



Organization: Baptist Mid-Missions
Location: Lima, Peru

Their responsibilities include Church planting, serving as pastor at Iglesia Bautista La Fe (Faith Baptist Church), sharing the gospel, teaching, preaching, counseling, and discipleship.

Allan is the Administrator (and also a teacher) at Fetzer Academy, a school for missionary children in Lima.

Diane is active in counseling, discipleship, women's ministries and teaches children's classes and music in the school and our church.