Women's Bible Study


Our goal is to provide instruction for women in God's truth, and an avenue to sue their giftedness to glorify God in our church and community.  While strengthening spiritual relationships, we want to support women in developing their faith through prayer, fellowship, Bible study, worship, and gospel outreach.

Join us for Women's Bible Studies, fun activities and events that build community.....

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Women's bible studies

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        18th Club        Ladies Lunch

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Women's Events & Activities

18th Club

All ladies, young and not-so-young, are welcome to join the 18th Club where we meet each month at 11:30am at Sizzler Restaurant, 4762 West Florida, Hemet, CA 92545 (Winco shopping center).

Arrive at 11:30, get in line, get your food, and we'll all sit together for a fun time of getting to know one another, sharing needs, and encouraging one another to passionately pursue Jesus Christ.

We'll meet on the 18th of each month at 11:30am unless the 18th falls on a weekend.  In that case, we'll meet on the Monday following...

If you have kids, bring them along!

Hope to see YOU at Sizzler on the 18th!